Kraay Family Farm, Home of the Lacombe Corn Maze, is now one of Alberta’s premier attractions and has truly begun to define what a family farm is and can be. The Kraay Family Farm features not only the 15-acre Lacombe Corn Maze but also over 40 activities and services on the farmyard!

The Kraay family has been farming in Central Alberta since 1981 and started inviting the public to the farm 24 years ago. For the first five years the Kraay family worked with another family, and together they grew what was know as the Lacombe Corn Maze Inc.

When their son and daughter-in-law married and wanted to move home, the friends parted ways and the Lacombe Corn Maze started anew for the sixth season. Now, many years later, Kraay Family Farm is truly a family farm – a farm for the Kraay family and their children, and for you and your children.

We’re really excited to share our farm with our guests. We truly enjoy seeing people having fun learning and playing on the farm. That’s why we do this; we want to see people come back to the farm, enjoy their time here, and get a taste of farm life.
Rachel Kraay