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2020 Corn Maze Design

Celebrating #AlbertaCares

2020 MazeBringing fun and happiness to people has always been our reason for being. In 2020 we’re highlighting and celebrating the kindness we see in Albertans during these unprecedented times. The many acts of gratitude and kindness being shared with the #AlbertaCares hashtag across social media are inspiring and hope providing. This year, we’re making space to share some of your stories of kindness, hope and gratitude in different ways. Visit our #AlbertaCares page to find out more >

Flashlight Maze


Come out in the evenings in the Fall for our FLASHLIGHT MAZE! Bring your own flashlights, buy a glowstick or try the maze under a Full Moon for a natural way to walk lit paths at night! The maze is not lit up with yard lights so when the nights get darker the maze gets darker (earlier) too – try it in the light and the dark for two completely different experiences.

Games in the Maze

Passport to fun! In the maze entrance you’ll find your choice of passports (trivia sheets) filled with questions that correspond to numbered posts in the maze. Find the post, match the number, answer the question correctly and you’re on your way out! If you answer incorrectly, you’re still on your way but it may take you a few more twists and turns.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin!
In Phase 3 you can read the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin as he tells his story. Spookley is a unique, fictional square pumpkin that delivers a special message of tolerance and kindness – a great story for kids of all ages!

Farm Scene Investigation! Help Farmer Joe is missing! In Phase 2 you can take a game sheet with you if you choose and play detective. Look for 6 checkpoints within the maze to find the clues; eliminate suspects and find the culprit!

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