Corporate Team Building Programs @ Kraay

This is an overview of the teambuilding program at Kraay Family Farm – Home of the Lacombe Corn Maze Inc. The teambuilding literature we provide leads you to provide a fantastic teambuilding opportunity that you direct as to the specific needs of your particular group.

This self-guided team-building exercise starts with the Self-facilitation Guide. This guide gives you ideas on how you can steer your team through the maze. For example, we suggest that teams do one phase on their own to get an idea of what it is like to do a maze alone. Then, the team can do the second phase together and see how they do as a team rather than individuals. Another suggestion, for example, is to do the maze blindfolded with a partner leading the way!

With each example there are suggestions for note taking and team discussion questions.

You will also receive some information about team basics and teambuilding.

Here is an example of a team basic:

Team Critical Elements

There are four critical elements of team building that help to align team members around a common purpose and structure the team for performance: Team Mission, Operating Processes, Operating Principles, and Team Member Roles.

Kraay Family Farm also provides a special “passport” through the maze for teams. This passport contains questions all relating to teambuilding. Team leaders may choose to use this passport or one of our other fact finding passports – all will help to guide you on your way.

Example of one of the Questions

The primary success factor for any team is:

  • a. The ability to share equally among all team members (turn right)
  • b. Bonding between team members (turn left)
  • c. A clearly defined mission understood by the team (turn left)

For more information please call us at 403-754-5502 or 1-866-212-2657 and ask to speak to Linda or Rachel or email us at