You’re never too old for the farm

I recently listened to a report on CBC about kids and their inactivity levels. Apparently, Canadian kids get a bad grade for activity levels; the kids sit too much and move too little.

You can read the report here >>.

Often kids aged 12-14 and older will come to the farm with their parents, grandparents, or youth group and they initially feel like they are “too old” or “too cool” for the farm. This, of course, quickly changes as they start to explore! Hearing this recent news report reminded me of one of my favourite moments here at the farm. There were a couple of girls who came with a family and began their visit just kind of looking around and looking cool but within the hour I saw them running from activity to activity, laughing, going down the slides, climbing the tire mountain, jumping on the pillows and more. They were smiling and laughing, and PLAYING. It was so great to see. That’s why we do what we do here at the Kraay Family Farm.