10 Ways to Prep for a Fall Trip to the Kraay Family Farm (including the Corn Maze!)

Flashlight Maze - Kraay Family Farm

Today we asked one of our “regulars” to share with us her advice for visiting our farm. Enjoy!


Flashlight Maze - Kraay Family Farm

For the past 11 years, we’ve made weekly visits to the corn maze.  It continues to be a favourite destination for our family. My kids, ages 6, 9, and 12, specifically ask to NOT be signed up for any extracurriculars until after the maze closes for the season.  It’s just too fun to miss.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a few things about how to make the most out of a visit.  Here are our top 10 tips:


  1. Wear old clothes. Kids will get dirty.  It is inevitable.  You will also get dirty.  Plan accordingly.
  2. Bring extra socks.  There are no shoes allowed on the jumping pillows and pumpkin pad.  The pillow gets sandy and so will your socks.  In the Fall, depending on the weather, your feet will also get cold.  An extra pair is super helpful. It’s nice to go home with warm, dry feet!
  3. Wear layers. At this time of year, Alberta is chilly in the morning, gorgeously sunny in the afternoon, and chilly in the evening. But also make sure you take your layers home with you too!
  4. Give yourself extra time.  You (or your kids) will inevitably want to stay longer than you originally planned.  Enjoy the day and don’t rush the experience!  I recommend a minimum of 2 hours but closer to 3 or 4 (if not more!) if the weather is beautiful.
  5. Pig Races.  Don’t miss the pig and duck races!  My kids have seen these races about 100 times and they still love them.  Duck Norris is our favourite.  Check the times and be there.
  6. Try something new.  Ever shot a pumpkin cannon?  Or lifted a bale of hay?  Fed a goat or donkey? When was the last time you had a tug o’ war?Straw Bale Hoist
  7. Wear good footwear.  By good I don’t mean good-looking, because they will get dirty.  I mean the kind of footwear that you can walk and jump in, and be on your feet for 6 hours in.  Sore feet can make or break your day.
  8. Bring quarters.  Whether you use those quarters for goat or rabbit food, or for old-fashioned candy, that small change will inevitably come in handy.
  9. Take a flashlight.  Even if you leave it in your vehicle, you’ll be disappointed about having to leave just because it gets dark.
  10. Check your pant cuffs and coat pockets.  As mentioned, you’ll get dirty.  And then you’ll go home and wash all the clothes.  And then, a month later, you’ll wonder why your washing machine is sprouting corn.  Especially if your kids play in the Corn Box.  True story.
  11. Bonus tip: If you have baby wipes, bring them along. #bubblegumicecream #cottoncandy

Hopefully these little tips will help make your next visit even more enjoyable.