10 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Central Alberta

Thanksgiving Weekend at Kraay Family Farm

10 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Central Alberta

It’s definitely, officially Fall in Central Alberta—the morning air is as crisp as the corn stalks, the geese are honking their way South, and we’re wondering how best we can enjoy these last weeks of the season.

As Anne of Green Gables says, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Here are 10 ways to continue to celebrate the season:

1. Take a walk. It sounds so simple, but walking under a clear blue sky, hearing the crunchy leaves, and smelling the dirt and damp that only Fall brings is a sure-fire way to get in the spirit of the season. Try JJ Collett or the Bill Nielsen Trail in Lacombe.
2. Have a campfire. Grab your roasting sticks and your marshmallows, find a site either in your own backyard, here at the farm, or around a community fire pit, and enjoy one last meal outside.
3. Rake the leaves—and jump in them! Even if you have to go to Aspen Beach or another park with lots of trees in order to find enough leaves in one spot, there’s nothing like hearing a child’s laughter as they first land in that pile. And if you’re not a kid yourself, be one at heart!
4. Pumpkin Pie. Warm. With whipping cream. Or, if pumpkin isn’t your flavour, how about apple, or sour cherry.
5. Read a good, long book. Or get into a new series. The summer beach reads have faded—it’s time to immerse yourself in a good long story.
6. Find some long wool socks. Gone are the days of thick itchy knee-highs. Wool socks these days are soft and so cozy—perfect for those campfire nights.
7. Try some Maple. Did you know maple is trending this Fall? And the options are endless: syrup, fudge, pie, ice cream, lattes….
8. Make a big pot of soup. The smell of soup in a warm house after a cool walk is so inviting, and when you’re tired of summer burgers and salads, it can really hit the spot.
9. Take a road trip. One of our favourite stretches of Alberta is the Cowboy Trail. Do you have a favourite? We might be biased, but we think Alberta has some of the best landscapes in the world. Take a day to enjoy some of them!
10. Visit the Kraay Family Farm, of course! You might not be able to knock everything off your Fall bucket list, but we think you’ll come pretty close if you visit our farm—pumpkins, hot chocolate, campfires, a corn maze and the smell of harvest, and most importantly, time with family and friends. Our last day is October 21, 2017.

What would you add? How do you celebrate Fall?